USPS Stamp Prices are About to Go Up Again

Starting July 14, a First-Class Forever stamp is set to go from 68 cents to 73 cents. Because Forever stamps hold their value forever (as their name suggests), you can buy as many as you want at the current price, before they each get 5 cents more expensive. Any you already have at home will also still be valid after the price hike.

The USPS has been increasing rates of many of its mailing services repeatedly over the past few years. Just recently, in January 2024, the price of a Forever stamp went up by 2 cents.

The increases have all been incremental and small, but when totaled together they have driven up the price of a Forever stamp 33% since the start of 2021.

Other postage price changes set to take effect this week include:

Product Current Price Price after July 14
Letters (1 oz.) 68 cents 73 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.) 64 cents 69 cents
Domestic Postcards 53 cents 56 cents
International Postcards $1.55 $1.65
International Letter (1 oz.) $1.55 $1.65