About WIB

In 1977, Wisconsin Independent Businesses (WIB) was formed to provide small, independent businesses with an effective voice in state government.

More than three decades later, WIB has become the state’s largest small business advocacy organization. In 2009, former Wisconsin Assembly Speaker John Gard became the new leader of WIB. John serves as the organization’s President while Brian Dake is WIB’s Legislative Director.

Who We Are

John served Northeastern Wisconsin in the State Assembly for 19 years from 1987-2006. He was Co-Chairman of the powerful Joint Finance Committee for 5 years and was twice elected by his colleagues to be Speaker of the Assembly from 2003-2006.

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John Gard


Brian Dake joined WIB as its Legislative Director in January, 2011, after spending nearly fifteen years in the Wisconsin State Assembly as a legislative aide. During that time, Brian’s primary responsibilities included state budgeting, tax policy and public communication.

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Brian Dake

Legislative Director

What We Do

Speak Out and Advocate for Small, Independent Business Interests

Wisconsin small, independent business owners need a voice in state government. WIB lobbyists advocate on behalf of the needs and concerns of small, independent businesses.

Provide Legal, Tax, Accounting and Health Care Benefits Services

With your WIB membership, you have access to a team of seasoned professionals who can answer your legal and accounting questions and provide guidance on the aspects of ObamaCare which impact small employers.

Assistance with State Government Programs, Rules and Regulations

State government is comprised of 17 administrative departments and 12 independent executive agencies. Helping our members navigate through the state government bureaucracy is part of our job.

Update Our Members on Government Actions

Every day, state government churns out thousands of pages of reports, bulletins, rules, regulations and forms. WIB sifts through them and provides its members with vital information through its quarterly print newsletters and biweekly e-mail updates.