Business Coalition Urges Wisconsin Lawmakers to Tackle Ever-Increasing Medical Costs in Worker’s Compensation System

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce was joined by 32 other associations, including WIB, from across the state on Tuesday urging lawmakers to tackle ever-increasing medical costs in the worker’s compensation system.

“Wisconsin has among the highest medical costs for worker’s compensation in the nation…35% higher than the national median,” the letter reads. “The average cost per workers compensation claim in Wisconsin is $10,000 higher for health care cost than the average state.”

Forty-five other states have reined in costs by implementing a medical fee schedule. Wisconsin’s costs for professional health services outpace other midwestern states, including Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois, by more than double.

“The Worker’s Compensation Employers Coalition is in support of the adopting the WCAC fee schedule because it is a tested reform that almost every other state effectively uses to keep medical costs in check,” the letter continues. “Please support Wisconsin employers and bring worker’s compensation medical costs under control.”

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