State Assembly Task Force on AI Pitches Five Proposed Laws

The Wisconsin lawmakers who’ve been studying artificial intelligence for the past six months are recommending five new laws in their recently released final report. The Speaker’s Task Force on Artificial Intelligence Chairman Rep. Nate Gustafson, R-Fox Crossing, said while AI has tremendous potential, there are also some real worries that come with new technology.

“We stand at the forefront of technological advancement and it is vital that we address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI,” Gustafson said. “This report represents an opportunity to ensure that Wisconsin remains a leader in responsible AI development, benefiting all sectors of our society.”

The report suggests three new laws that deal with “generative AI,” which can create new images, videos, and sounds.  Gustafson says lawmakers must create a new law to deal with AI-generated porn. “Specifically, this legislation prohibits conduct related to the possession of obscene material that contains a depiction of a purported child engaging in sexually explicit conduct,” the report states. There is also a suggestion for a law against AI generated revenge porn.

The task force is also recommending a new law to make sure AI is kept out of political commercials in Wisconsin.

“To address the use of AI-generated content in political advertisements, we recommend Assembly Bill 664, legislation that would establish disclosure requirements for certain political communications that contain ‘synthetic media,’” the report adds. “Additionally, the bill specifies particular disclosure language that must be provided in audio or video communications that contain [AI-generated] media.”

Another proposal would create a new state law for data protection, and another that would have the state track how AI is used in state government.