Legislative Republicans Preparing to Sue over Evers’ School Funding Veto

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Republicans are preparing to sue over Gov. Tony Evers’ partial veto that increases public school funding for 402 years, saying he sees “very little option left but to go to the courts.”

“When you say he has the broad authority, that is clearly in question,” Vos said on WISN’s “UpFront. “We do not know that. He has taken the broad authority, but it doesn’t mean that it’s right.”

Vos said Republicans will also consider introducing a proposed constitutional amendment to further limit the partial veto powers of Wisconsin’s governor.

“I never thought it was necessary, frankly,” Vos said, referring to a constitutional amendment that would require passage from two consecutive sessions of the Legislature before going to voters. “This is something that is unprecedented. Gov. Evers has taken this to a new level. Talking about how the Legislature is undemocratic, well, having one person using a creative veto that is clearly in question — we won’t know until the court says whether it’s constitutional — but it’s clearly questionable.”

Evers’ education veto was one of 51 partial vetoes he issued. He increased the amount public school districts can raise by $325 per student each year through 2425 by striking a dash and “20” from the original 2024-25 language.

In doing so, Vos accused Evers of lying to Republican leaders during private negotiations surrounding the shared revenue agreement and education funding, a claim Evers called “breathtaking” Friday in response to Vos’ “UpFront” interview, telling WISC-TV, “I never lied.”