Governor Evers Signs State Budget into Law

Gov. Tony Evers has signed a Republican-drafted state budget that includes income tax cuts for most residents and a major increase in funding for K-12 education, more state aid to local governments and workforce housing.

During a packed budget signing ceremony, Evers applauded investments for K-12 schools, transportation, broadband, workforce housing and PFAS contamination.  Schools will get an additional $325 per student in each of the next two fiscal years under the budget approved by Republicans. In a surprise move, Evers used his line-item veto to continue the annual increase for over the next 400 years.

Last week, the Republican-controlled Senate and Assembly approved their own budget, which aimed to cut income taxes by $3.5 billion across all brackets, including the state’s wealthiest residents.  Governor Evers vetoed the proposed cuts for the state’s top two income tax brackets while preserving the cuts to the bottom.

“Using my broad veto authority, I’m doing what I can to ensure that tax relief goes to working families who need help affording rising costs, not the wealthiest taxpayers in Wisconsin,” Evers said.

In a tweet Wednesday, State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said he was disappointed by Evers’ vetoes, specifically as they relate to tax cuts, K-12 funding and DEI.

“Vetoing tax cuts on the top two brackets provides hardly any tax relief for truly middle-class families,” Vos said. “His decision also creates another economic disadvantage for Wisconsin, leaving our top bracket higher than most of our neighboring states, including Illinois.”