Wisconsin Republicans Pass Plan to Cut Income Taxes by 15% on Average

Income taxes would be cut across the board by $3.5 billion under a plan passed Thursday by Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget-writing committee.

Under the income tax cut, which is retroactive to January 1, 2023, the average reduction would be 15% for all filers or $573, Republicans said. The state would still go from four to three brackets, with the lowest rate dropping to 3.5% and the highest rate being 6.5%.

The largest percentage point drop comes at the highest rate, paid by married couples who earn more than $405,550 or single people making more than $304,170. That rate would drop from 7.65% to 6.5%. The middle two brackets would collapse so all married couples earning between $9,210 and $202,780 would pay 4.4%. The lowest rate for the poorest taxpayers would drop only slightly, from 3.54% to 3.5%.

The income tax cut will be paid for by tapping the state’s projected $7 billion surplus. Republicans also devoted $622 million to keep property taxes in check.

Republican Representative Terry Katsma said the cuts were designed to keep Wisconsin competitive with neighboring states with lower rates, like Illinois, which has a flat tax of 4.95%. “We have to be competitive with the states around us,” Katsma said.