Republicans and Governor Evers want to End the Personal Property Tax

Gov. Tony Evers said Tuesday he’s confident his administration will find enough common ground with the Republican-controlled legislature this year to end one of the state’s oldest taxes.

Businesses across Wisconsin pay the personal property tax on equipment such as furniture, equipment and fixtures.

Republican lawmakers are circulating a bill at the Capitol that would eliminate the tax. Evers, who was visiting Watertown Tuesday, told reporters he also wanted to get rid of the tax and was optimistic the legislature will iron out the wrinkles that caused him to veto the bill in 2021.

“We should be able to get through that this session,” Evers said. “There was some minor things that were of concern. It’s my understanding they have been addressed, and so I would anticipate we will be in good shape there.”

Detractors of the tax say it’s unfair because businesses already pay a sales tax when purchasing the equipment. The Wisconsin Grocers Association is among the business groups lobbying for the tax to be eliminated.

“Those small, mom-and-pop retailers are gonna have to categorize, they’re gonna have to track each one of these assets, and then pay tax on it every single year,” Mike Semmann, the association’s vice president of government affairs said. “That’s something that we’re hoping goes away pretty quick.”