Industry Survey Paints Bleak Picture for Wisconsin Hotels and Lodges

A new internal survey finds nearly half of the state’s hotels and lodges may not make it another year without some financial assistance.

The numbers released by the Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association showed 47 percent of lodging facilities face closing within 12 months unless they receive a loan or grant assistance.

On top of that, the survey also revealed half of their pre-pandemic staff remain furloughed or laid off.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is the single greatest crisis the hotel and lodging industry has ever faced and the situation remains dire.  We need to see some true leadership out of Madison and at the federal level if the hotel and lodging industry is going to weather this storm,” WH&LA President & CEO Bill Elliott said.

The state association also pointed to national figures from the American Hotel & Lodging Association that reported more than two-thirds (68%) of respondents stated they would be able to make it six more months at current revenue projections without any relief. Nearly three-quarters predicted more layoffs would be likely as well.