Wisconsin Exports Down Slightly in July

After three months of double-digit percentage declines, Wisconsin exports dropped 3.1% in July, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state exported $1.67 billion in goods during the month, bringing its 2020 total to $11.41 billion, a decline of 10.1% from last year.

July’s relatively stronger performance, which ranked ninth in the country, was boosted by a 14.3% increase to $107 million in exports to China and an 8.8% increase to $346.6 million for exports to Europe.

Exports to the rest of Asia were down 13.1%. The state’s exports were also hurt by a 22.6% decline to $215.2 million in exports to Mexico and a 3.1% decline to $526.8 million in exports to Canada.

For the first seven months of the year, exports to Canada, the top destination for Wisconsin exports, are down 14.2%. Exports to Europe are down 8.5% and shipments to Mexico are down 30.8%.

Asia has been a bright spot with exports up 2.8%, including a 15.6% increase in exports to China compared to last year. Trade tensions were increasing between the U.S. and China for much of 2019.