President Trump Signs Executive Orders on Unemployment, Payroll Tax

President Donald Trump signed several executive orders Saturday, including an order to provide an extra $400 in weekly unemployment aid to those whose $600 weekly benefits expired in July as well as eviction protections and student loan relief.

A fourth executive order would defer payroll tax payments for people who earn less than $100,000. It would take effect retroactively and continue through December.

The executive order to provide $400 in weekly benefits requires that 25% of that funding be paid by states, many of whom are struggling with unexpected drops in revenue and have pleaded with Congress to receive additional aid.

Trump has sought a payroll tax deferral for more than a year with little support from Congress, but the other three issues were the subject of tense partisan negotiations in recent weeks as some parts of this spring’s CARES Act expired.

Ultimately Congressional leaders failed to reach a deal by their Friday deadline.

The President acknowledged Saturday that the orders would prompt lawsuits. The Constitution grants the power to raise revenue and appropriate funds exclusively to Congress.