Governor Evers Vetoes GOP Tax Cut Plan

Democratic Governor Tony Evers vetoed a Republican-backed tax cut bill Wednesday and signaled he could support a compromise that invests in schools and provides broad property tax relief.

Evers also said he’s open to considering an income tax cut or an additional state debt payment.

“Investing in our kids and our schools and reducing property taxes should be something everyone can agree on,” Evers said Wednesday morning at Lincoln Elementary School in Wauwatosa. “We don’t have to choose between investing in our kids and reducing property taxes — we can and should do both.”

Republicans in the state Senate and Assembly passed the $248 million ongoing income tax cut Thursday. The overall bill would have cost the state $392 million in the next budget.

It would have also included about $45 million to offset a new property tax cut for manufacturing businesses and $100 million for a one-time payment on state debt.