Applications for $75 million in Transportation Grants Exceed $1.4 Billion

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has received nearly 1,600 eligible applications — totaling more than $1.4 billion in total value — for an available $75 million in one-time grant funds.

Wisconsin DOT Secretary Craig Thompson said the number and scope of applications for the Multimodal Local Supplement program underscores a statewide need for infrastructure upgrades.

The $75 million grant program was included in the 2019-21 budget and funds can go to road, bridge, harbor, transit, bicycle accommodation and railroad projects. Under the program, local projects can receive up to 90% of project costs, with local entities fronting the final 10%. Individual grants are capped at $3.5 million per project and eligible projects must include a six-year completion schedule.

Of the applications received; 105 came from counties, totaling $225 million in value; 461 were received from cities and villages, totaling $674 million in value; and 1,030 came from towns, with a total project value of $568 million.

The $75 million in available funds is to be split three ways, $27 million for counties, $19 million for cities and villages and $29 million for towns.

Project applications will be scored by three committees, with higher ratings offered to projects that demonstrate economic impact, enhance connectivity or those that are the most cost-effective.

Award amounts and recipients are expected to be announced in late February.