Wisconsin Civil Justice Council Issues 2019 Guide to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Judicial Evaluation

Wisconsin Civil Justice Council (WCJC) today released its 2019 Guide to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Judicial Evaluation, which reviews the most important cases decided by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin affecting the business community. The 2019 Judicial Evaluation covers the 2018-19 Supreme Court term.

The Judicial Evaluation scores the justices based on the percentage of the reviewed cases in which their position aligned with the WCJC position. Based on the comprehensive review of decisions affecting the business community, Chief Justice Patience Roggensack and Justice Annette Ziegler scored the highest at 80 percent. Justice Rebecca Bradley scored 79 percent, and Justice Daniel Kelly came in at 76 percent. New to the court this term, Justice Rebecca
Dallet scored 59 percent. Justice Walsh Bradley scored 30 percent. In her last term before retiring from the court this year, Justice Shirley Abrahamson scored 28 percent.

The 2019 Judicial Evaluation provides a discussion of the facts and the court’s holding in each of the decisions, including the dissenting opinion(s). The guide then lists how each justice decided the case, along with the WCJC position on the court’s decision.

This is the fourth judicial evaluation issued by WCJC since 2011. For more information about WCJC, please visit http://www.wisciviljusticecouncil.org/.