Trump Administration Gives Wisconsin the Go-Ahead to Conduct Drug Tests for Unemployment Benefits

This month, President Donald Trump’s administration issued rules allowing Wisconsin and other states to test those who seek unemployment compensation if the only jobs they can do are in fields that routinely perform drug tests.

The state Department of Workforce Development oversees unemployment insurance in Wisconsin and will be responsible for the drug testing program.

Department spokesman Ben Jedd said Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ administration is waiting for more guidance from the federal Department of Labor before requiring drug tests.

Specifically, the Evers administration wants details on which types of applicants should have to undergo drug testing, he said.

Whether drug testing would be required for a narrow set of applicants, such as pilots, or a broad range of typical workers is unclear. Jedd offered no timeline for making that determination or starting the program.

Under the state’s plan, those who failed a drug test would have a chance to get state-funded drug rehabilitation. If they participated in rehab, they would receive their unemployment benefits. If they did not, they would lose their benefits. The state has budgeted $250,000 a year for drug testing and providing rehab.