Governor and DOT Secretary Open to Republicans Proposals to Fund Roads

Governor Tony Evers says he is keeping an open mind when it comes to how to pay for roads without a gas tax increase. This comes after Republican leaders said they won’t consider his proposal to raise the gas tax by 8 cents a gallon.

The Governor said he’s open to listening to Republicans ideas to help fund transportation infrastructure improvements and repairs but voiced some doubts their proposals might not raise enough money.

“If Republican leadership has ideas on how we can “magically” do that without raising the gas tax will certainly be looking for that, but it has to be a sustainable future around this issue to finding money to fix our damn roads,” said Evers.

Republicans said last week they are looking at raising a variety of other fees for drivers but didn’t specify how much.

Evers didn’t say if he would support or oppose a transportation plan without a gas hike but expressed he won’t make a decision until Republicans sent him a budget.

Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation Secretary-designee Craig Thompson also doubted GOP leaderships idea reject a gas tax increase.

“The gas tax is the fairest and most affordable solution because it applies to everyone using the highway system — including visitors,” said Thompson in a statement to 27 News.

Thompson said he’s looking forward to what Republicans have in mind. The Republican controlled budget-writing committee will put forth their plan to pay for roads Thursday.