State Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Target “Phone Spoofing” Scam Calls

With the press of a button, scammers are able to change their phone number from 10 random digits to a number with a familiar area code. Wisconsin state lawmakers have introduced new legislation to combat this activity, but technology may be advancing faster than the law.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, spam, scam and robocalls are the number one consumer complaint in Wisconsin.

All a scammer needs is an smartphone app like SpoofCard and the number they want to pop up when someone answers. That’s how simple it would be to make it look like WPS is calling to disconnect service if they don’t receive payment immediately. Several people around the Northwoods have been fooled by that exact scheme.


Wisconsin lawmakers are hoping to curb spoofing with Senate Bill 132. The bill proposes fining people up to $10,000 for misrepresenting their caller ID. But with many spam calls coming from outside the country, even nationwide legislation may not be enough.