Wisconsin AG Kaul Supports National Law to Combat Robocalls and Phone Scams

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul is joining the rest of his colleagues across the country to push for a new law that would put a damper on robocalls.

Kaul says the TRACED act would direct telecommunications companies in the US to create a system to detect and stop spoofed calls, and to stop selling spoofed numbers to scammers.

“They would be required to implement this technology within, I believe it’s 18 months. So that’s one of the good things about the legislation is that it puts a mandate in place.”

He says scam calls and robo calls are consistently the biggest threat to consumers right now. “That’s why the required implementation of a call authentication framework is really important because it will reduce the likelihood consumers get these calls with spoofed area codes.”

The bill would also make it easier for law enforcement to prosecute the crooks running these outfits, even if they’re based overseas.