Speaker Vos: These Next 2 Years will Bring New Challenges and Opportunities

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos used his first speech of the new legislative session to emphasize lawmakers are the most important branch of government.

Vos told the Assembly following inaugurations Monday, Jan. 7 that the Wisconsin Constitution lists the Legislature first among the three branches of government. He said some may want the Legislature to “veer into the left lane” since Evers is now the governor but Republicans won’t let government expand at the expense of the people’s freedoms and compromise doesn’t mean compromising your ideas.

In a statement, Vos said: “Today we celebrate Wisconsin and our representative democracy. These next two years will bring new challenges and opportunities. I’m honored to once again serve Racine County and Wisconsin in this capacity. I’m excited to get to work. We can’t allow the state to reverse course and undo the progress that we have made over the last eight years. We have reduced the size of government, invested in education, created a welcoming business climate and we were still able to cut taxes by more than $8 billion.”