Public Service Commission Issues Final Strategic Energy Assessment 2024

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has issued the final version of its biennial Strategic Energy Assessment (SEA). This is the 10th Strategic Energy Assessment issued by the Public Service Commission.

Every two years the Commission is charged with assessing Wisconsin’s energy demands, how those demands will be met, and the reliability of the electrical system in the upcoming years. The report includes data and information from Wisconsin utilities, power cooperatives, municipal electric companies, and other electricity and transmission providers.

This year’s SEA details residential customer energy consumption. Due to energy efficiency standards, Wisconsin’s median income family pays a similar percentage of their income each month towards energy use, when compared to other Midwest states. Additionally, Commission staff has undertaken goals to modernize our grid, and improve reliability across the state.

The SEA also documents Wisconsin’s diverse energy portfolio. Wisconsin utilities have already met their 10% renewable portfolio standards, and many have taken it upon themselves to expand programs that cut emissions and expand renewable energy sources.