Wisconsin Motorists to Spend More for Gas This Summer

Wisconsin summer travel plans aren’t expected to slow despite predictions that motorists in the state will be spending more for gasoline this summer, according to AAA Wisconsin.

Wisconsin motorists are expected to spend an average of $65 more a month for gasoline this summer compared to last year, the Wisconsin State Journal reported . That could add up to $250 for the whole summer.

About 4 percent of Wisconsin gas stations have gas at or above $3 a gallon this month, compared to no gas stations above that amount in June 2017.

The increase in prices likely won’t reduce the number of summer trips, said Nick Jarmusz, the AAA Wisconsin director of public affairs. Instead, families may take shorter trips or choose to participate in free activities.

Gas prices could continue to increase if demand remains high all summer, according to AAA. Gas prices could also be affected by OPEC production, hurricanes that could potentially shut down refineries and how much gasoline the U.S. exports to Mexico.