Wisconsin Receives $227.4 Million in Additional Federal Funding for Roads and Bridges

Governor Walker announced Wisconsin will receive $227.4 million in new federal funding for our state’s roads and bridges in FY2018, a significant boost that will be used to advance more transportation projects across the entire state. The new federal funds include Wisconsin receiving the largest Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant or its predecessor FASTLANE in state history and other supplemental federal funding.

“Our plan is to invest in more highway projects, nearly 50 more local bridge projects, and complete the I-94 North-South project years ahead of schedule with this funding,” Governor Walker said. “This is great news for Wisconsin. Not only are we keeping projects on time, we’re actually going to be able to do more projects across the state and get them done faster.”

The additional funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) includes:

  • $160 million in federal INFRA grant funds for the I-94 North-South project. This is the largest INFRA/FASTLANE grant ever received by Wisconsin and the second-largest awarded by the USDOT this year.

The record-setting federal grant for Wisconsin will open all lanes to traffic by Memorial Day weekend of 2020 with full completion by 2021, 11 years ahead of schedule. The I-94 North-South expansion project began in 2008 and stretches 36 miles from the city of Milwaukee past the Wisconsin/Illinois state line. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation applied for this grant in October 2017.

  • $67.4 million in supplemental highway funds and redistribution funds, $30 million of which is planned by WisDOT to fund 49 more local bridge projects throughout the state.