‘Wisconsin Will Push Back’: Walker Administration Responds to Threat of Lawsuit

To countersue or not to countersue: That is the question Gov. Scott Walker is asking after Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she planned on filing a lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency regarding Foxconn.

Madigan plans to issue the lawsuit in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, challenging the EPA’s decision to designate Racine County as achieving “attainment,” meaning Foxconn does not need to meet stricter standards for controlling smog and air pollution, “despite indisputable pollution monitoring data showing Racine County exceeds ozone levels beyond the 70 parts per billion (ppb) limit.

In response, the Walker administration has stated it believes Wisconsin should be in attainment.

Amy Hasenberg, press secretary for Walker, said the state has “cut emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds by 50 percent since 2002.”

“Pollutants are largely coming from Chicago, Illinois, and Gary, Indiana,” Hasenberg said. “Our state should not be penalized for issues we are not causing. We will take all necessary steps to protect our state’s interests. The State of Wisconsin will push back.”