Governor Signs Executive Order Increasing Efficiency, Responsibility of State Government

Yesterday, Governor signed Executive Order #288 today, implementing recommendations
from the Governor’s Commission on Government Reform, Efficiency, and Performance. Through this order, Governor Walker is implementing measures that will make government more efficient and responsible to hardworking Wisconsin taxpayers.

“At the end of the day, our government is accountable to Wisconsin’s hardworking taxpayers,” said Governor Walker. “It’s our responsibility to ensure that we are continually improving the way we do business in order to maximize the effectiveness of government services and deliver them to taxpayers at the lowest cost possible.”

Executive Order #288 directs the Department of Administration and multiple state agencies to adopt several recommendations in accordance with the Governor’s Commission on Government Reform, Efficiency, and Performance:

The Department of Administration will combine the Office of Lean Government with the Division of Executive Budget and Finance and any other administrative units as determined by the Secretary of the Department of Administration.

  • State agencies will work with the Department of Administration, Division of Enterprise Operations, to identify procurement savings opportunities, reduce purchased services and contracts, and make state vehicle purchasing, maintenance, and operating policies more cost-effective.
  • State agencies will submit a plan to the Department of Administration, State Controller’s Office, outlining strategies to minimize paper-based finance operations, with the goal of eliminating paper-based payments and maximizing the use of electronic exchange.
  • State agencies will review their current practices and enter into debt collection agreements where necessary with the Department of Revenue to perform collections on agency debts outstanding longer than 90 days unless an exemption is granted by the Secretary of the Department of Revenue pursuant to current law.