State Legislators Introduce Legislation to Eliminate Moratorium on Metallic Mining

Yesterday, State Senator Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst) and State Representative Rob Hutton (R-Brookfield) introduced LRB 2652 that will eliminate the moratorium on nonferrous metallic mining in Wisconsin. LRB 2652, also known as The Mining for America Act, is the first step forward in guaranteeing our nation’s ability to manufacture while ensuring our long-term global economic independence.

“People want to make things in America again. Our neighbors, Minnesota and Michigan, have placed their shovels in the dirt of America’s future. It is Wisconsin’s turn to do the same”, said Tiffany. He continued, “American technological needs such as mobile phones, hybrid cars, and even solar panels require mined minerals to be built. It is time for America to build these products. That process can begin here.”

The Mining for America Act will eliminate the nearly 20-year ban that the legislature placed on Wisconsin’s mining industry. Wisconsin has comprehensive mining laws in place and the moratorium prevents those laws from being used. Wisconsin can mine in a responsible way.
“Wisconsin is uniquely equipped to supply precious minerals to the world. Encouraging significant investments in safe mining will create a new economic environment in northern Wisconsin, resulting in family supporting jobs throughout our entire state,” said Hutton.

If American consumers want to continue enjoying the luxuries of small electronic devices or hybrid vehicles, it is critical to look inward to build those products. Consumers purchase products every day that are mined in countries with little to no environmental protection. It is time to step up to the plate and mine in a state that chooses to rigorously protect its environment. Mining can be done responsibly within our state while fulfilling the American consumers’ penchant for mineral-based products.