Wisconsin Becomes Latest State to Enact Skimming Penalties

Yesterday, Senate Bill 133, authored by Representative Rob Summerfield (R-Bloomer) and Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) was signed into law (2017 Wisconsin Act 54) by Governor Walker. This Act creates penalties for the possession, trafficking, and use of credit card skimmers.

“This was very rational legislation. Our state did not have the proper laws to address this modern crime, and communities were struggling with a way to combat it,” said Summerfield. “Now, thanks to this bill, we have specific penalties on the books to help protect Wisconsinites from being scammed.”

2017 Wisconsin Act 54 makes it a Class I felony to possess a credit card scanner with intent to commit identity theft; a Class H felony to possess a scanner with the intent to transfer the scanner to another, knowing the transferee will use it to commit identity theft; and a Class H felony to use or attempt to use a credit card scanner to commit identity theft (increased to a Class G felony if the person obtains something of value from the use).

To date, over two dozen communities throughout Wisconsin have been targeted by credit card skimming.