Company won’t Replace only Fuel Pipeline to Green Bay

An Illinois company will not replace its deteriorated 110-mile fuel pipeline between Milwaukee and Green Bay, state Administration Secretary Scott Neitzel said Friday.

West Shore Pipe Line Company in June 2016 permanently shut down the only gasoline and diesel fuel pipeline serving northeastern Wisconsin after testing of the 56-year-old line found extensive repairs were needed. At that time, West Shore representatives said the company was evaluating options for rebuilding the line within two years.

The old repair-plagued line was removed from service in March 2016 for the testing, and it never reopened.

Since that time, state officials have worked with gasoline retail businesses to maintain an adequate fuel supply in the region at a reasonable price for consumers, Neitzel said. No fuel shortages have been reported in that time.

Gasoline retailers hired more tanker trucks and drivers to transport fuel from terminals at Milwaukee, Waupun and Junction City. The terminal at Milwaukee is owned by West Shore. The terminals at Waupun and Junction City added capacity to serve more trucks, Neitzel said.

In addition, the state lifted weight limits for fuel trucks on certain routes into northeastern Wisconsin and the Port of Green Bay began importing diesel and gasoline shipments.

“Now that West Shore has decided to discontinue its service to Green Bay, we’ll meet with all entities in the industry that can help us meet the demand for that region,” Neitzel said. Asked if another pipeline company might consider extending a line into Green Bay, Neitzel replied: “I wouldn’t rule anything out.”
West Shore owns a 650-mile fuel distribution system within Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. One fuel pipeline extends from Hammond, Ind., around Chicago to Milwaukee. A separate line runs from East Chicago, Ind., to Janesville and Madison