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That’s where this book comes in. I’m not going to make any wild claims about it most of the treatments mentioned in this book you will have heard of before. That said, there will be a few that you might not have. The chief metropolitan magistrate of Saket in Delhi, Manish Khurana, allowed transit remand to take him to Pune. The transit remand application was made in Hindi. However the documents that were produced before the magistrate were mostly in Marathi.The Delhi high court said: ‘It is not possible to make out from these documents what precisely the case against the petitioner is.’The question we as citizens should ask is: Then why was permission for the transit remand given by the magistrate?The high court ordered that the case would be heard the following day, and that the documents that were shown to the magistrate should be translated from Marathi.Meanwhile, Gautam was to be taken back to the place where the police had picked him up from.In the morning, the advocate for the police said the translation was taking more time and the court gave till afternoon.At 2.15 pm, the court was shown a few pages, including the FIR translated into English but with much of the material still in Marathi.The police lawyer asked for still more time, which the court did not give.The court then said it was ‘concerned with the legality of the arrest’ and ‘legality of transit remand passed by the learned CMM’.It said the FIR did not mention Navlakha, so what evidence was produced before the CMM?It asked the Maharashtra police officers present this question: ‘Whether at any time during the proceedings before the learned CMM, the learned CMM asked to see the case diary in which purportedly the relevant material concerning the involvement of the Petitioner is contained.’.

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