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wholesale replica designer handbags University accused of double standards over its opposition to plans to expand the RegalAccording to plans from DV Architects, an “unused” staff car park will be removed to allow for the pub’s small beer garden to be extendedThe staff parking as it is nowGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailCambridge University has been accused of “double standards” by News readers after university officers said proposals to expand Cambridge’s largest pub will lead to increased noise and litter from “inebriated patrons”.Previously the News told how JD Wetherspoon, owner of the Regal in St Andrew’s Street, is seeking planning permission from Cambridge City Council to extend the pub’s beer garden.In a letter to the council, Cambridge University said it had eight short and long term concerns about the proposals’ impact on its Language Centre on Downing Place behind the pub.According to plans from DV Architects, an “unused” staff car park will be removed to allow for the pub’s small beer garden to be extended.Cambridge’s largest pub is looking to make a big changeBut university officials fear the impact of any construction work on student learning and passing pedestrians and wheelchair users.They argue works vehicles will block the accessible entrance of the Language Centre, while noise will “impact on language teaching.”In the long high quality designer replica term, the university is concerned that “increased patron noise” would affect teaching at the centre, with “inebriated patrons. Leaving litter and worse” outside.It also said that a “reduced set down area” for future delivery vehicles would block Downing Place, restricting access for pedestrians and cyclists.Cambridge University slams plans to expand city’s good quality replica handbags replica bags largest pubNews readers took to the web to have their say on the plans with many accusing Cambridge University of double standards.Writing on the Cambridge News story, commenter ‘RevirdIxat’ said: “inebriated patrons”.Commenter ‘misfire’ said the pub currently uses the space at the back to receive beer via replica designer bags a tunnel that goes under the pub.They also mentioned that if replica bags from china that area is made into a smoking area, the pub will have to block all the street off to get deliveries on a regular basis.Also commenting online, ‘ProfGumby3’ wrote: “Shame the university doesn’t show the same concerns where its own students get drunk and rowdy, or when its own colleges want to carry out disruptive building work. Utter hypocrisy and double standards.”‘PATgo’ said questioned why there were concerns about drunken patrons “from the organisation that provides a large proportion of the drunks in the city on weekend nights” wholesale replica designer handbags.