I see my phones as a subscription

This, but there a tiny bit more nuance here going over a lot of peoples heads.Talyah into Karma is great, you can shove her into turret all fucking day Because toplane was such a fuck fest, Gragas literally can gank the permanently shoved Talyah, making Karma lose CS, while also being late to roam (also in fear of getting oneshot, you roam into a Talyah camping bush and you dead) while also negating any Gragas early ganking pressure.Caps played pretty much flawlessly this whole tournament so far, and Pobelter played shit as fuck, with no in game impact what so ever. Pobelter has always suffered this in competitive play and is a boon for almost every NA midlaner I see, but they play the lane to not lose or to not take risks that may get you killed as you would in soloqueue, instead of playing to apply pressure on the whole map as every successful midlaner has ever done.Want to know why people regard Faker, Pawn BDD and your typical Mid etc for being so good? They play in a way that makes other midlaners say is too aggressive, I need help, I think his jungler is here all lane long. NA mids literally never do that..

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