Companies have announced more than $2 trillion in deals so

In his book, Ethan examines []The post Weekly Space Hangout: May 16, 2018: Ethan Siegel’s Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive appeared first on Universe Today. In his book, Ethan examines over 25 items from the Star Trek universe, describes their underlying science, and lets his readers know how close we are to having many of these iconic items today.Ethan is a PhD astrophysicist and science communicator known for his award winning blog, Starts with a Bang, and his regular online contributions to Forbes (you can find his writings here. )Both Treknology and Ethan first book, Beyond the Galaxy: How humanity looked beyond our Milky Way and discovered the entire Universe, are available on Amazon.If you would like to join the Weekly Space Hangout Crew, visit their site here and sign up.

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