Now, in a piece for canada goose coats on sale Slate, Wade

Black College Kids Less Likely to "Hook-Up"

Hookup Culture Is a Thing canada goose deals Rich White Kids Do We already knew that hookup trend pieces were boring and overwrought and full of fear-mongering, but there's another, even more concrete reason they should be ignored: like many trend pieces, they're only about White people.Researcher Lisa Wade has previously written some great take-downs of the idea that hookup culture buy canada goose jacket cheap is everywhere/a new thing/notable, etc. She's particularly targeted Laura Canada Goose Parka Sessions Stepp's annoying Canada Goose Coats On Sale book, Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose canada goose coats at Both, noting that in Wade's own Canada Goose Jackets research, "About canada goose replica 80 percent of students hook up, on average, less than once per semester Canada Goose Outlet over the course of canada goose clearance sale college" – a far cry from the rampant sex orgies being depicted in books like Stepp's. That canada goose clearance being said, Wade also takes canada goose black friday sale issue with the idea that the casual relationships that do develop are inherently dangerous. In a 2010 paper, Wade wrote that: Media panic over hooking up may be at least in part a result of adult confusion about youth sexual culture—that is, not understanding canada goose that oral sex and sexual experimentation with friends are cheap Canada Goose actually some young people’s ways of balancing fun and risk.Now, in a piece for canada goose coats on sale Slate, Wade writes that this is also canada goose store a panic assigned by the media specifically to buy canada goose jacket wealthy White kids, though perhaps for good reason: those are canadian goose jacket the kids that are participating in more casual Canada Goose online sexual activities in the first place. Wade notes that many young Black kids have Canada Goose sale a desire to disprove the historical assumption that Black people are "hypersexual" and therefore are more Canada Goose Online careful about their sexual activities. She also writes that at college, the differences between historically White and historically Black fraternities have created canada goose outlet environments for White students that foster a community that's more accepting of hooking up.