He dissects Britain’s misguided decision to break away from

Before Maron can participate in the ceremony at Boston University, his father confesses https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com that he no longer wants to live. He then runs off. The family doesn’t know whether to call the police or search for him. He dissects Britain’s misguided decision to break away from the rest of Europe, analyzes France’s quest to recover its lost glory under President Emmanuel Macron, and wonders whether the political center can hold in Spain, Italy and Greece. Informed readers will find little to disagree with in those chapters.They will probably learn most from Drozdiak when reading about issues that have received relatively less attention in the media, such as Denmark’s unique commitment to fighting climate change, the strange paranoia of Poland’s recently elected ultra conservative government about Berlin’s and Brussels’s intentions, and Latvia’s daily treatment of its ethnic Russian population as second class citizens.”,” by William Drozdiak (WW Norton/WW Norton)Drozdiak observes an inward turn in Europe’s capitals and institutional navel gazing in Brussels, noting that it could not have come at a worse time. The traditional guarantor of Europe’s postwar security, the United States, is living through one of its occasional isolationist moments.

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