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Boosters are annoying, but a player base doesn canada goose

Overwatch slides to 4th on Korean PC Bang rankings with 7

For every one of your complaints there is another person who feels differently. Just keep that in mind. You cancel each other out when it comes to addressing problems in OW.For example, I love playing Moira and Brigitte and am canada goose jacket uk getting much better at canada goose outlet sale Orisa. Sombra is my most played hero, good doomfists deserve respect. They could made Moira and Brigitte have a much canada goose clothing uk higher skillcap, and /r/overwatch and the bnet forums, not to mention the even more casual players than that, would still be celebrating over getting a Talon healer, Torb daughter/Rein squire, and a fancy pink Mercy skin. Just look at Ana release.But the difficulty canada goose factory outlet toronto location and risk vs reward balance is important because it provides a sense of pride and accomplishment (meme, but something games aim for) to improvement. Casuals will remain interested regardless, but competitive players need the work improvement reward cycle to stay invested. they went ahead and made more. even my friends canada goose outlet uk fake in gold do not canada goose jacket outlet like them, it the only map I frequently see people leave at the start of mystery heroes. they don understand canada goose outlet store calgary what makes them disliked on top of these maps tend to ignore the majority of the maps layout. see horizon? fights happens entirely on the two points and maybe a little inbetween so the 75% rest of the canada goose outlet ontario maps is entirely ignored. the spawns being so close to the points creating a feast or famine style to win for the attacking team it so infuriating to play against.I will stop canada goose outlet london uk there and no go on hero release, reworks and balance because I could write for the rest of the day about all of them. Boosters are annoying, but a player base doesn canada goose outlet uk sale shrink because of them. LoL used to have over 50 canada goose outlet store uk boosted accounts in top200 with canada goose outlet authentic their nicknames set canada goose outlet ottawa as their chat app ID to advertise their services, game was still growing every month with ease. Nobody actually cares about boosters and you very rarely canada goose vest outlet affected by them, it just an easy thing to whine about if you want attention.The game is dying because playing comp is pure and utter cancer canada goose outlet eu and Blizzard refuses canada goose outlet new york city to listen or even pretend to be trying to fix the issues.A) doesn’t know how to canada goose jacket outlet uk fix the problems. They’re legitimately deer in headlights, they are totally transfixed by the reality that they made a game which caters far too much to assholes. If canada goose outlet 2015 Sym and torb and bastion and their abhorrent, abysmal designs were not part of the game, a huge chunk of toxicity simply wouldn’t be possible. If a scoreboard existed, underperforming kids would be exposed and lose a lot a lot of their ability to be toxic. Simple things that won’t ever be changed, but canada goose outlet new york feed into toxicityB) doesn’t want to take any risks bc they’re a bunch canada goose outlet in usa of canada goose outlet us money grubbing whores. They waited 6 months to change mercy bc of casuals. They left her to utterly destroy and dominate the meta of the game (to the point where playing canada goose outlet sale mercy was the “right” way to play, anything else is throwing) bc they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of casuals. It’s a serious concern for them, profit is.C) are too prideful to attempt changes and admit they fucked up if the changes fail. We’ve seen changes reverted like what,But Uber threw shade on KR region for complaining about boosting. Isn it funny how people ruining the competitive experience will lead the game to perform lower in that region? LOL.This game used to be much higher before and it is bleeding players in KR. Meanwhile this subreddit mocks KR players for daring to ask their canada goose outlet online reviews mighty Blizzard corp to do something about it while simulataneously crying about how the game is losing players. Can have it all gentlemen.

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Marcelo crosses it in to the center of the penalty area and

alex noren praises rory mcilroy’s second

moncler jackets kids 63 GOAL MADRID (2 1) WHAT AN INCREDIBLE GOAL! Off the bench for no moncler outlet jackets more than a couple minutes. Marcelo crosses it in to the center of the penalty area and just behind Bale, cheap moncler jackets sale but that no problem moncler sale as his bicycle kick shot is moncler outlet struck perfectly into the net. A bit more impressive than Benzema earlier. moncler jackets kids

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moncler outlets uk Another counterculture connection for Huxley was his friendship with Dr. Albert Hofmann (scientist who discovered LSD) and Dr. Timothy Leary (psychologist and psychedelic evangelist). However, few have attempted to capture the attitudes and experiences of patients and professionals towards this concept. This article provides, via the collation of existing research reports, a reflection on the views, attitudes and experiences of these key stakeholders. Narrative review of the literature was undertaken focussing upon the following key areas: mental health professionals’ attitudes towards the HR concept, patients’ attitudes towards the HR concept, attitudes of patients towards potential treatments and attitudes of professionals towards HR treatments. moncler outlets uk

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Less than 24 hours later Raheem Sterling popped up with one of

injury the key moments in Manchester City’s title triumph

replica Purse Sterling strikes late to fix Pep It may seem hard to wholesale replica designer handbags believe now but back at the start of the season Pep Guardiola admitted he was “worried” about his side failings in front of goal. Less than 24 hours later Raheem Sterling popped up with one of the scrappiest goals of the season, in the 97th minute at Bournemouth, to spark wild celebrations in the away end as City snatched a late winner. replica Purse

After not looking overly impressive in their first two games of the season, this was a chaotic KnockOff Handbags end to their third, with Sterling sent purse replica handbags off for his celebration and Sergio Aguero intervening as police man handled fans who had jumped onto the pitch.

At the time, it was suggested that Sterling scuffed Replica Bags effort would be a turning point in the season, or would at least get them through until they Replica Bags signed Alexis Sanchez in the days that followed

wholesale replica designer handbags Sadio Mane red card high quality replica handbags derails Liverpool One of the most needlessly controversial moments of the season, but one which set City on their way in the league, and seriously derailed Liverpool at the same time. wholesale replica designer handbags

Mane, although he didn mean to do it, knocked out Ederson by kicking him in the face, so his red card was justified. City were leading 1 0 wholesale replica designer handbags at the time but the space between Nicolas Otamendi at left centre back and Benjamin Mendy at left wholesale replica designer handbags back was still being exploited by the Reds until they went down to 10 men.

Replica Bags Jurgen Klopp side then simply folded, with City flowing through them at will. It Handbags Replica certainly seemed that Sterling goal at cheap replica handbags Bournemouth had sparked them into life in front of KnockOff Handbags goal, even if Alexis planned move had fallen through. City won this one 5 0, and then scored 19 in their next four Premier League games. Replica Bags

Mendy injury forces tactical rethink Benjamin Mendy was one of City fundamental summer signings, designed to Fake Handbags come in and provide the kind of dynamic attacking presence down the left hand side that was simply Replica Designer Handbags lacking last year; the kind of thing Kyle Walker has been Replica Bags doing on the right hand side all season.

The Frenchman looked impressive in his first few performances, particularly with his superb low crosses from the left, but he got himself in a mess trying to tackle Crystal Palace Andros Townsend back in September, and despite walking from the pitch, it was later confirmed that he would miss nine months with a serious knee ligament injury.

City hadn signed another left back during the summer and this was seen as one of the worst case scenarios, especially ahead of a key game at Chelsea. Yet Guardiola found the answer and changed City approach.

high quality replica handbags He converted Fabian Delph into a left back who was comfortable slotting back into midfield when City had the ball, and tasked Leroy Sane, who had struggled for minutes at the start of the season, with providing City width on the left, with David Silva getting into the half spaces to provide an assist or goal. high quality replica handbags

replica handbags online The plan clearly worked and Mendy injury, as cruel as it was, has hardly hampered the Blues. replica handbags online

Replica Bags Wholesale City prove their mettle at Chelsea City may have only scored the one goal at Stamford Bridge Replica Designer Handbags but it was arguably the most important of their season. Guardiola men were clearly in fine form but they went to west London only 12 months on from when purse replica handbags things had fallen apart after a fine start to the 2016 17 season, and many were wondering if City were the real deal, or would simply suffer the same high quality replica handbags old problems. Kevin De Bruyne provided the answer. Replica Bags Wholesale

Replica Designer Handbags City dominated the aaa replica designer handbags champions with an impressive, confident performance, and the KnockOff Handbags key moment was a precise strike from their Belgian midfielder, who had already began to show signs that he replica handbags online could become the pivotal player in this increasingly fine season. Replica Designer Handbags

aaa replica designer handbags City celebrated wildly in the dressing room and victory gave them the belief to go and implement their game plan at some of the toughest grounds in England and beyond. aaa replica designer handbags

Designer Fake Bags Late Sterling winners dispirit chasing pack City had won all 17 of their Replica Designer Handbags games Replica Bags Wholesale in all competitions since drawing with Everton in their second outing of the season, despite an injury to Vincent Kompany and their only left back, and they had an eight point lead over United to show for it. Designer Fake Bags

Things replica handbags online were looking up, but an injury to John Stones at Leicester City in early December was regarded as a major set back, and for good reason. With Kompany out of the side since that win at Bournemouth, Stones had struck up a formidable partnership with Nicolas Otamendi at the heart of City defence, but was ruled out for six weeks with a hamstring injury.

Wholesale Replica Bags City, heading towards the Manchester derby, faced replica bags Huddersfield, Southampton and West Ham. Suddenly the goals had dried up, and the Blues, as some suggested, seemed to find things harder as winter drew in. Wholesale Replica Bags

Fake Designer Bags But another aaa replica designer handbags bobbly Sterling winner in the 84th minute at Huddersfield, after Guardiola had thrown on Gabriel Jesus for Kompany, provided a major boost. But not as much as the one against Fake Designer Bags Southampton. Fake Designer Bags

purse replica handbags As the clocked ticked over into the sixth minute of stoppage time, Sterling picked up the ball in space on the edge of the area and curled purse replica handbags a stunning effort into the far top corner. Cue wild scenes at the Etihad, with Mendy throwing down his crutches and charging down the touchline as Guardiola celebrated on the pitch. purse replica handbags

Four days later they were at it again, with David Silva scoring in the 83rd minute to see Replica Handbags off West Ham, just a week before the replica handbags online derby. Could anything stop this side?

Designer Replica Bags City United clash in Old Trafford tunnel City winning at Old Trafford is not really new these days, either for Guardiola or for his two immediate predecessors, but this 2 1 victory stretched the Blues lead to 11 points. Designer Replica Bags

Yet even that was overshadowed by the bust up in the tunnel at full time, after Jose Mourinho had entered the City dressing Replica Bags Wholesale room to complain about the noise by this point in the season, the Blues had become used to blaring out music before and after replica Purse their matches.

Fake Handbags Mourinho ended up having a bottle of milk chucked at him, which led to players pouring out of both dressing rooms to clash in the tunnel. It was all quickly diffused, but City left in celebratory mood and won their next four games to set a new record for consecutive Premier League victories. Fake Handbags

KnockOff Handbags City run ragged at Anfield As the replica Purse season has gone on we have been scrutinising how City would react in certain situations would they fold in September? Would winter get to them? What happens when they finally lose? We found out the answer to the last question in January, when City not only lost, but looked, at times, ragged at Anfield. KnockOff Handbags

Handbags Replica Now 12 points Replica Designer Handbags ahead of replica Purse United, Sky Sports kicked off their Monday Night Football programme wondering whether Jose Mourinho team would sense Handbags Replica an opportunity to overturn what would be a record deficit to win the title. We soon go our answer. City won six of their next seven games, reasserting their dominance in the league and progressing in the three cup competitions. Handbags Replica

replica handbags china The defeat at replica Purse Anfield turned out to be but a minor irritation in the league, at least though it did hint at frailties which would resurface in the Champions League. replica handbags china

Mourinho concedes the title in February On February 2, the day before United would actually close the gap on City to 13 points replica handbags online following the Blues draw at Burnley, Jose Mourinho conceded the title.

cheap replica handbags Speaking of the Red Devils game with Huddersfield, Fake Handbags he said: “It important for us because we need points to be the first of the last. replica handbags online We need to try to finish second we have been in this position all season. First for a few weeks, but we have been second for the rest. cheap replica handbags

Replica Handbags Guardiola, of course, cautioned that Designer Fake Bags the league was not over by Fake Handbags that point, but Mourinho, like the rest of us, had clearly felt for some time that City were just too good Replica Handbags.

Other times, we were able to work around it in our code

stoke sign striker benik afobe from wolves

canada goose coats Please see extended rules for appropriate alternative subreddits, like canada goose factory outlet /r/suggestmeabook, /r/whatsthatbook, etc. You can ask in our Weekly Recommendation Thread, consult our Suggested Reading or What to Read page, or post in /r/suggestmeabook. One time while I was sitting on the bus waiting for it to leave the station, this dude outside just canada goose outlet in new york walks up to my window to stare at the comic I was reading, it was very awkward.. canada goose coats

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Canada Goose sale I’m like. “I’m sorry. My dog’s name is Black. This song dance happened several times, with new updates to the switch causing new crashes. In some cases, we needed to canada goose outlet toronto location wait weeks for Unity to fix the bug in their canada goose outlet toronto factory engine. Other times, we were able to work around it in our code.It just canada goose outlet uk sale an annoyingly slow process, but in the end it best for the consumers. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose outlet us And then you just sort of chisel it

Jobs by email are easy to set up and could give you a valuable edge in finding your next job. Create your job alerts and you’ll be one of the first to hear about jobs that match your requirements. You can get alerts for any combination of location, skills and keywords and receive up to 10 alerts per email.

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overview for shamoobun

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canada goose outlet mississauga Nobody cares about canada

He only just realised yesterday that rising star Michael Jackson was walking timidly right behind him

cheap Canada Goose A pictorial and video celebration of history coolest kids, everything from beatniks to bikers, mods to rude boys, hippies canada goose outlet near me to ravers. And everything in between. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket If you found a photo, video, or photo essay of people from the past looking fantastic, here the place to share it. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale 3: Spam, racist, homophobic, sexist and offensive comments, as well as brigading, consistent reposting and shitposting, will result in a lifetime ban. Offensive comments include canada goose outlet uk anything about pimping, about people moms and scoring women. canada goose outlet mississauga Nobody cares about canada goose outlet las vegas your sexual impulses, least of all the OP. Canada Goose sale

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cheap Canada Goose 7: We reserve the right to remove any post that doesn showcase historical coolness. My uncle says his memory is somewhat hazy (which does perhaps sound a little suspicious, I admit) but he stands by this being Disneyland, he has no clue why there’s a summerfest sign in the background; his words are ‘I’m not American, why would I have a canada goose factory outlet toronto location fucking clue?’. Fair to say he’s slightly less innocent than in this photo. I’m from a place called the Wirral in the UK which is very near to Liverpool and we have canada goose vest outlet similar accents. Just after this photo was taken, my scouse Grandad (a scouser is a Liverpudlian) shouted to Paul with his very strong scouse accent and Paul turned, having recognised a fellow scouser and asked whereabouts in Liverpool my Grandad was from. canada goose outlet niagara falls He said he canada goose outlet hong kong was from Birkenhead on the Wirral; he claims Paul laughed, shook his hand and walked away, shouting back ‘Plastic Scouser’ as he did. canada goose outlet washington dc No, MJ was by no means a rising star at this point, he’d had huge success with his brothers at this point and my uncle thinks this must have been around the time they recorded ‘The Girl is Mine’ together for Michael’s Thriller, which was Michael’s 6th solo album (which they recorded in Westlake, LA, hence why my uncle is dead set that this was in California NOT Milwaukee lol) So he was huge by this point, actually! But my uncle has a penchant for embellishment and he tells me that he really canada goose outlet shop had no clue who canada goose outlet price MJ was and that he was so obsessed with Paul (as anyone from Liverpool or the surrounding area, then, now and forever should be) that he didn’t pay him any attention! Just thought it would be a nice way to write the post! Sorry for anyone who was canada goose outlet factory misled. Thanks for all the love and discussion on this post! Hope everyone loved the photo, my last biggest post was like 12 upvotes and it was on r/dadjokes go give that thread some love it’s great!I was college canada goose outlet london uk class of He was well known in the early 80 but until Off the Wall came out, he was canada goose outlet eu still thought canada goose outlet orlando of as being the engine behind the Jackson Five. cheap Canada Goose

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Canada Goose sale Biggest star in Probably Springsteen. My uncle says canada goose factory outlet vancouver his memory is somewhat hazy (which does perhaps sound a little suspicious, I admit) but he stands by this being Disneyland, he has no clue why there’s a summerfest sign in the background; his canada goose outlet ontario words are ‘I’m not American, canada goose outlet belgium why would I have a fucking clue?’. Fair to say he’s slightly less innocent than in this photo. I’m from a place called the Wirral in the UK which is very near to Liverpool and we Canada Goose Outlet have similar accents. Just after this photo was taken, my scouse Grandad (a scouser is a Liverpudlian) shouted to Paul with his very strong scouse accent and Paul turned, having recognised a fellow scouser and asked whereabouts canada goose outlet store near me in Liverpool my Grandad was from. He said he was from Birkenhead on the Wirral; he claims Paul laughed, shook his hand and walked away, shouting back ‘Plastic Scouser’ as he did. No, MJ was by no means canada goose discount uk a rising star at this point, he’d had huge success with his brothers at this point and my uncle thinks this must have canada goose outlet store uk been around the time they recorded ‘The Girl is Mine’ together for Michael’s Thriller, which was Michael’s 6th solo album (which they recorded in Westlake, LA, hence why my uncle is dead set that this was in California NOT Milwaukee lol) So he was huge by this point, actually! But my uncle has a penchant for embellishment and he tells me that he really had no clue who canada goose outlet online store MJ was and that he was so obsessed with Paul canada goose outlet website legit (as anyone from Liverpool or the surrounding area, then, now and forever should be) that he didn’t pay him any attention! Just thought it would be a nice way to write the post! Sorry for anyone who was misled Canada Goose sale.

So we carefully warned all our guests that they had to hang up

Yesterday’s reddit gold goalVery few people “own” their own brand per se, as the official registration to claim a brand as your own was closed in the early 1900 But Gm is recognised as a brand belonging to my family in my area of the state. The purpose of a brand is to identify stock as belonging to someone. When cow is sold, it acquires a new brand identifying it as belonging to its new owner, so you can “read” the cows history, if that makes sense.

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Transfer Deadline Day: 10 deals to keep an eye on as the summer

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What defines family is connected hearts and supported souls

The Coolest Black Family in America, No. 38: The Casanaves

The story of how DonovanCasanaveproposed to AmberJaynesCasanavewill be recounted to the newlyweds’ friends and canada goose family for years to come. The memorable affair kicked off with Donovan flying Amber, who lived in New York City at the time while he resided in Houston, to New Orleans. canada goose replica Throughout their two-year, long-distance relationship, theCasanaveshad spent many a weekend in The Big Easy, so 38-year-old Amber didn’t anticipate the elaborate weekend that awaited her when Canada Goose Online she arrived. But there were a couple of clues that something big was about to take place.“First there was the hotel suite, which was absolutely beautiful,” remembers Amber. “He said he was going to drop me somewhere for a couple of hours and I immediately buy canada goose jacket cheap thought, ‘Great, a massage’.” But instead of a spa day, Donovan took Amber to her favorite boutique for an impromptu shopping spree.RELATED: THE COOLEST BLACK FAMILY IN AMERICA, NO. 37: THE MSHAKA MORRISES“The woman in the storetold me she had Don’s credit card and her job was to style me for the day. I just couldn’t believe it,” she says. When Amber returned to the hotel suite, a makeup artist was there waiting for her. “Ilooovemakeup, so I was so excited to have my makeup done. I put canada goose clearance sale on my new outfit, had my face done, and we went to dinner in the French Quarter.”“I made her think after dinner we were going to an event a buddy of mine canada goose deals was throwing to explain getting all dressed up,” says Donovan. At Canada Goose sale the restaurant, he arranged for the manager to show Canada Goose Parka Amber (a marketing executive) a space she could one day consider for an event.“The manager takes meto this room, hands me two glasses of champagne, and runs out. I thought, ‘this is really weird,’ canadian goose jacket ” says Amber. Next, Canada Goose Outlet a singer started crooning and Donovan walked in and got down on one knee. The secret was out. “I was so surprised! I didn’t see it coming.” Donovan hired canada goose coats on sale a photographer to capture the special moment.After Amber said yes, the newly engaged couple danced the night away and ended the evening with a dreamy carriage ride all through the French Quarter. “We were calling all our friends and family telling them the news,” says Donovan, who meticulously planned his over-the-top proposal two weeks before the big day. “I wanted to spoil her. I want to spend the rest of my life trying to show her that I would treat her like this all the time, not just once. I was 42 when we got married. People always ask me why I took so long to do it. I just never wanted to settle, and when I met Amber, I knew she was who I’d been canada goose store waiting for.”Donovan and Amber first cameacross one another at the Congressional Black Caucus back in 2010. Amber was briefly introduced to Donovan at a reception. “I thought he was very handsome,” she says. Later that same evening, the two ran into each other at a party. “I told my friend I thought he was attractive, and before I knew it, she was walking over to him. God knows what she told him!”“She was asking me all types of questions: was I in a relationship, had I ever been married and how many kids I had. I thought she was interested in me, but she threw me off because she had a big rock on her finger,” says Donovan, who was pleasantly surprised to learn that the intense round of questioning was for Amber. “I looked over and saw her and I was really open,” he admits.As for Amber, she was terriblyembarrassed by her friend’s attempt at matchmaking (“We are not in high-school!”) and did her best to avoid Donovan at the party. At the last event of the night, Amber continued dodging Donovan until she came face to face with him while hailing a cab. A minor car accident, which took place right in front of them, got them to talking and then exchanging business cards.Then they went their separate ways; Donovan went back to home to Texas and Amber to New York. Over endless phone calls and email exchanges, they nurtured a close friendship that’s at the core of their loving marriage today. “Once we began to get to know each other, I really loved how smart, humble and genuine he buy canada goose jacket was. I felt like we were best friends since day one,” says Amber.Donovan felt the same wayabout Amber. “My dad and my friends who were in happy marriages gave me the same advice, and that is to marry your best friend. She was somebody I could go to a ball with, a Broadway show, a car show or a baseball game. She completed every element for me. If Canada Goose Coats On Sale I would go two days without talking to her, I felt incomplete,” Donovan reveals. They also share a strong faith in God and a positive, caring and ambitious nature.What also drew canada goose clearance them to each other was the fact that they could both be themselves. “I loved that freedom of not being judged. I could do or say anything. He made me feel so comfortable,” Amber says. Donovan, who works as a supplier diversity manager at Shell Oil, had never met anyone who appreciated and encouraged his passion for painting.“I have such a significant corporaterole that most women only liked that side of me,” he says. “I didn’t realize until I met Amber that I can be both artistic and corporate. I was always trying to make a choice until she allowed me to be who God made me.” In fact, Amber couldn’t have been more thrilled about Donovan’s abstract paintings.“I was blown away when he told me he was an artist,” says Amber. “Years ago when I was in college, I was watching an episode ofOprahwhere she said to write down a list of all the qualities you want in a mate. My list was nine years canada goose coats old, and it said he had to be creative, love art, music and also have a professional business side. This was all Donovan.”While the pair was compatiblein many ways, the long distance between them was cause for concern. “He was hesitant because of the distance and didn’t want to canada goose outlet move forward with something that may not work,” Amber continues. “I always believed if you want something, you can make it work.”She confesses that while their relationship started out as friends, she always knew she loved him, but opted to give him time canada goose black friday sale and space to get to know her. A tried and true Southern boy raised in Louisiana, Donovan was “intrigued and in awe” of Amber’s big city life in New York.“I feared that East Coast lifestyleand really wasn’t looking to move to New York,” says Donovan. Before he cheap Canada Goose could even Canada Goose Jackets broach the issue with Amber, she told him something that changed everything. “Amber said when she found the person God put on this earth for her to spend the rest of her life with, she’ll follow him anywhere. That’s the first time in my life a woman had said something so unselfish. For her to relinquish all the things that were important was all I needed to hear to realize that this is Canada Goose online the person for me,” says Donovan.They became a couple in 2012, and for two years Donovan would travel to New York and Amber to New Orleans to spend time together. On October 13, 2013, the best friends tied the knot in Philadelphia, Amber’s hometown. She left her job as vice president of marketing and communications at the National Urban League and relocated to Houston two months ago. She says the decision to give up her life in New York City wasn’t hard, but nevertheless, Donovan acknowledges the big sacrifice she made for their love.“I dated women who I admiredtheir ambition, but it was always about moving up in the company. When I’m 90 in my hospital bed, it’s not gonna be about what kind of job I had, but who was there for me and loved me,” says Donovan. The Casanaves are currently enjoying sharing their lives and discovering what the future has in store for them as husband and wife. No matter what comes their way, Amber says with compassion, honesty and communication, their love will thrive: “I’m a firm believer that you can create the life you want. Donovan and I set up a list of priorities, and we are taking the steps to create that life.”The Coolest Black Family in America is an original series: an ongoing look at the intricacies, layers and compelling beauty of African-American family life. Of course, The Coolest Black Family is not one family but many. In fact, we’ve found that there are as many Coolest Black Families as there are versions of cool. Also consider: family doesn't always mean mother + father + kids. What defines family is connected hearts and supported souls. Ride with us weekly as we crisscross the country in search of kinfolk whose cool is so palpable and real, it comes second only to their love. Think your coolfamqualifies? Email us at (with Coolest Black Family in the subject line)!

Alexandra Phanor-Faury is a Haitian-American writer living in Brooklyn, New York with a slight (OK, major) addiction to fashion and pop culture. When she's not up in the middle of the night filling her online shopping carts and catching up on style blogs, she's writing about fashion and entertainment for a number of websites and her blog,Fringueuse.