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“As far as India is concerned, I was disappointed with the Indian media and the way they portrayed me in the past few weeks. It felt like I am a Bollywood film villian. I am that Pakistani who has travelled through India because of my cricket. The President of India discusses the President’s powers under Article 370 to ‘modify’ the Constitution. Though the court observes that the President may modify an existing provision in the Constitution under Article 370, the judgment is silent as to whether the President can, without the Parliament’s knowledge, introduce a new Article. This question remains open..

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cheap moncler Cooking, a simple human activity, becomes all consuming moncler outlets usa for women in poverty throughout the region.Social entrepreneur Sarah Collins, 47, sought a simple and sustainable cooking solution that would unshackle these women from the kitchen.”I realized what’s keeping rural women in poverty is time,” Collins said. “By spending so much time cooking, they aren’t able to go out moncler outlet location and generate an income for themselves and their families.”Related: Can Magic Bus double incomes of underserved communities in Kenya?Sarah Collins invented the Wonderbag, a heat retention cooker made entirely of cotton and moncler coats for men recycled foam, to empower rural women by cutting their time in the kitchen by half. In 2008, Collins launched Wonderbag, which works like a slow cooker and uses heat retention to cook meals. cheap moncler

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