On the other hand, however, hormones are greatly affected by

Diet is great for me

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Canada Goose Jackets TLDR: Aside from my habit of drinking cream, we eating virtually the same things. I deep in ketosis, but she is barely registering. Are there any physiological differences that give women additional challenges on this diet?Highly recommend the book The Keto Diet by Leanne canada goose outlet niagara falls Vogel. Yes, there are some specific canada goose outlet trillium parka black considerations canada goose outlet online uk for women due to things like hormones and this book will go into that a bit. For example I had no idea that traditional BPC can lead to some super unpleasant side effects for women due to hormone stuff. There is an alternate recipe for a fatty coffee drink in this book (and I think on her site for free too) which solved my issues with BPC. Vogel is also dairy free, so canada goose sale uk any recipes she has will be such and she has great tips for going dairy free or low dairy. Good luck!Owing to the fact that the female body is designed to preserve and grow another human being, women have more hormonal protections against losing weight too quickly. You should both be aware of that so you don compare yourselves too closely 🙂 Canada Goose Jackets

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canada goose clearance If she didn lose 5 10 lbs in the first few days, then she probably didn have Keto flu either, as it caused by massive water/electrolyte loss due to low sodium. She shouldn be discouraged by that! Most of the quick canada goose outlet jackets massive weight loss stories are of men. Women tend to lose more slowly, but we eventually get there, too canada goose clearance.