Only thing really stopping you from doing this solo is that

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canada goose Also the best possible canada goose outlet miami thing you could do would be to ally any of their allies if possible and then call them into some irrelevant war. They can declare war on you if they already fighting with you. canada goose

canadian goose jacket Assuming Russia did it Russia thing theirs a good chance that they troops are made canada goose outlet uk fake of tissue paper and that you breeze through them. When you do canada goose outlet mall start the war canada goose outlet london uk though after bohemia starts to lose a large number of troops there a very good chance that ottos will declare a war against them as well which will help at that moment until you win the war and need to then defend bohemia from the canada goose outlet buffalo ottos. Either way though you will then have bohemia in a weakend state under you and have no trouble controlling them. Only thing really stopping you from doing this solo is that you don have the cash stockpile which kind of is necessary to fight these prolonged wars for the few thousands of dev you will get. Which if I may ask how do you not have thousands of canada goose outlet factory ducats sitting around? canadian goose jacket

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canadian goose jacket Hoi4 is pretty boring in my opinion. Its very simplified canada goose uk and in my own opinion easy. Playing eu4 I have never gotten to a point where ive been completely unthreatened by an ai (often because the new updates will break my save) and I say this after playing only on normal. Hearts of iron 4 I jumped into on the highest difficulty and was able to easily single handedly win the war as Germany. So if you usually pretty good at strategy games you probably find yourself tired of hearts of iron 4 after your first game canada goose outlet uk as you mop the floor or hit the wall canada goose outlet in new york and neither will make you wanna try again. Eu4 at least always keeps it feeling fair and interesting since it gives you a lot more control and systems to manage. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose clearance wow, i really wish there was a mod or just an actual feature in the game that lets you get into advanced diplomacy for your custom nation. for example, canada goose outlet online starting your nation with historical rivals, or starting your custom canada goose coats uk nation off with reconquest CBs on other nations, or claims on certain areas, or restore union cb. that canada goose outlet trillium parka black would add canada goose outlet winnipeg address so much more depth and let you get into your nation more. also, being able to custom make an empire system like the hre or celestial empire would be amazing canada goose clearance

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canadian goose jacket Oh and don forget it much better to trap England army if possible than it is to canada goose outlet los angeles kill it. England is notorious for mercing up and as soon canada goose outlet legit as you stack wipe him you can expect him to take as many loans as canada goose outlet in vancouver needed to build a merc in every province. This is rarely possible but sometimes you can trap them on the mainland where they go catatonic and simply will stop trying to do stuff allowing you to seige the province before they merc up or get brought back. canadian goose jacket

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canadian goose jacket Step 1: canada goose factory outlet vancouver unite Ireland, This is done by building over force limit and declaring successive wars against your neighboring opms. Use their alliance chains to your advantage. Use this to avoid fighting Britain while still uniting Ireland. One method I found that worked was declaring war on one to two people at a time without peacing out anyone so you can work through the alliance chains letting you declare war on people who allies are already full occupied instead of giving them the chance canada goose outlet edmonton to make new alliances. This also prevents the ae from building up in your canada goose outlet online uk culture group against you. I have found you can reliably do this tactic even as a fully landlocked Irish opm. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Step 2: Ally France or England. If you Ally france, call them into a war or join one of theirs then trounce Scotland while they can be called in. If you Ally England then call England in against Scotland. Once you have at least some of Scotland you will drop England and pick up canada goose outlet new york city France if you canada goose outlet eu aren already buddies. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store Step 3: With France and whatever other England rivals you can find. Proceed to slowly wear away at England. France will canada goose uk site take care of whatever mainland canada goose outlet usa allies exist and you just have canada goose outlet in chicago to be careful with your war with England. Ideally you declare war with their army on the mainland and leave France to take care of them too canada goose store.