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Did all the legions love their primarchs

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canadian goose jacket Rule 7: Official lore and fan fiction/fluff are welcome, but posting screenshots canada goose outlet of canada goose outlet authentic official canada goose outlet germany Games Workshop and/or Black Library material is not allowed. You may transcribe the text, however, and we request that you cite the book it came from. Fan fiction must be labeled as canada goose outlet toronto such. Then i read eisenstein and i couldn help canada goose outlet factory but feel that the death guard didn have the love for their primarch but instead respected his leadership. This may just be me misunderstanding the novel but it got me thinking, did all the primarchs love their legion and vice versa. I wouldn think angron would be capable of the sort of relationship with his legion that horus did. So was the lunar wolves a special example of did some legions not quite click canada goose outlet vancouver as they did?Angron hated his legion and they loved him but didn really like him kind of thing. They weren his slave friends so they could never be worthy in his eyes. They put the nails in to try and show him they loved him and experience some of his pain, but they also saw how he compared to the other primarchs. Betrayal has a lot of insight. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Perturabo saw his legion as weak and decimated them as punishment and a canada goose uk site not so settle push to do better in the future. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket Most of the rest both loved and were loved by their legions. On the other hand he COULD have decimated them like Perturabo, or had them culled canada goose jacket outlet sale outright. A life of exile is among the gentler of the “asshole” options Corax canada goose outlet winnipeg had at his disposal. And their absence meant that the RG did not have mixed loyalty to Horus or warrior lodge canada goose outlet online reviews shenanigans to deal with. That decision might be canada goose kensington parka uk the only reason that ALL of the RG canada goose outlet shop and Corax didn go down at canada goose outlet montreal the Dropsite Massacre. And exceptions to those exceptions. canadian goose jacket

canada goose As a general rule all space marines have a secret desire for primarch approval. Some legions like above have slowly accepted that their dad is a canada goose outlet locations in toronto real dick. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets Angron and his marines were complete bros. canada goose outlet us Read betrayer for context. Of all legions I think alpha legion was most prepared for loss of their primarch. There are exceptions, but it a rule that holds largely true across cultures and time. This was one of the aspects of how the Primarch/Astartes relationship was written that I really dug on. For all their conditioning and genetic manipulation the Astartes are so often portrayed as emotionless murder machines that are immune to the emotional burdens of the rest of humanity. Little things like this remind you of how human they remain. Inside all that canada goose outlet location armor and gene tech there is still a man, a man who was once a boy, and a boy always harbors the need for his father love Canada Goose Jackets.